🍴 MEAL PREP 🍴 1 MAY 22 🍴

weekly meal prep 1 may 2022

I'm back!!! School holidays are done & we’ve had two epic adventures but it’s back to our weekly routine 🙌🏻😍

A time saving meal prep tip for being as productive as possible in the time you have... make your appliances work for you. Get out your slow cooker, Thermomix... whatever you have that can help you. This veggie curry could have been cooked in a pot on the stove but I put it in the slow cooker so I could leave for 4 hours & I could tick off a few extra of items on my checklist. Appliances aren't necessary but if you have them, use them to your meal prepping advantage 😉

This week's meal prep 🥰👌🏻

🍽 mushroom ragu (GF, DF, V) @thehappypear
🍽 high protein vegan choc pudding (GF, DF, V) @thefamilyfoodproject
🍽 easy vegan falafel (GF, DF, V) @minimalistbaker (freezer stash for mid-week meals)
🍽 slow cooked lentil & veggie curry (freezer stash for mid-week meals)
🍽 easy marshmallows (GF, DF) @jowhitton
🍽 vegan GF chocolate cookies (GF, DF, V) @heartfultable
🍽 vegan GF chocolate cookies (GF, DF, V) @heartfultable * omitted cacao & added GF oats
🍽 vegan ground beef @plantyou with rice & veggies (mid-week lunches)
🍽 mango & banana gut healing jellies (GF, DF)
🍽 protein energy bites (GF) @puresportsnutrition ** recipe testing
🍽 collagen hot chocolate mix (GF, DF) @nutraviva
🍽 vegan gluten free chocolate cookies (GF, DF, V) @heartfultable
🍽 Dec's crunch (GF, DF, V)
🍽 choc covered rice cakes (GF, DF, V)
🍽 oat free muesli slice (GF, DF, V)
🍽 rocky road raw chocolate (GF, DF, V)
🍽 stewed spiced apple & pear (GF, DF, V)
🍽 banana & mixed berry roll ups (GF, DF, V)
🍽 protein oats (GF, DF, V) ** recipe testing
🍽 rice flake bircher muesli (GF, DF, V)
🍽 bircher muesli
🍽 chia seed pudding
🍽 veggie sticks
🍽 immunity apples
🍽 steamed broccoli & cauliflower

Are you cooking in your kitchen?

Links to these recipes can be found on our website.
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