That Red House 100% Pure Wool Dryer Balls

That Red House 100% Pure Wool Dryer Balls

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What are they made of?
Our 'Wool Dryer Balls' are made of 100% pure Australian wool and are hand spun.

How long will they last?
We estimate our wool balls will last about 10,000 dryer loads. We did the maths and think they are most likely a one off purchase and will outlive you!

How do I use them?
Simply pop three of the balls in the dryer with your wet clothes. You can use the white balls for light colours and the grey balls for dark.

How do they work?
The wool balls work their way between the fabrics and agitate the load, creating pockets of air, for a more even distribution of heat. They also soak up moisture in the machine. This combination of things means your drying time is reduced and they also reduce static and wrinkles in your load. Save power and ironing time. Double win!

What else are they capable of?
If you like a fragrance to your washing, you can add a few drops of one of our 'Laundry Tonics' to your balls before you pop them in the dryer. The heat activates the oils nicely and your clothes will come out smelling delish!

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