Carpet and Mattress Refresher




Bi carb is a swiss army knife for natural cleaning - so many uses!! Plus it is super cheap and toxic free 👌🏻

I know this is a simple idea but it makes a big impact especially if you have spills on your carpet, odours or you are just wanting to do a deeper clean of your carpets / rugs, car mats or mattress.

You can use a bowl for this mixture but I find it easier to shake by using a cappucino / salt shaker (from the grocery store or Kmart)

What you need to do:
✖️open the shaker and fill with bi carb soda
✖️add a few drops of essential oil (I used 2 x drops of Lemon and 2 x drops of Tea Tree)
✖️stir the bi carb and essential oil together
✖️shake on your carpet or mattress and leave for a couple of hours (if you can) and then vacuum it up

No need to buy the chemical filled deodorizers from the store... save yourself $$ and have fun making your own ♻️