Fizzy Experiment




This morning I said to my 3yo that we were going to do an 'experiment' which instantly had her intrigued and excited! 🤩

💫 To start, I spread bi-carb soda on a shallow tray and I added our colored bears counters from @modernteaching, gemstones and small animals.
💫 Next, I filled various sized jars with water + vinegar + food colouring and left a selection of pipettes, droppers and a turkey baster.
This encouraged and challenged my daughter's skill of transporting the liquids to the tray for all of the messy sensory play! 🤗

My 3yo loved watching the vinegar react with the bi-carb and see how it fizzes and bubbles around all of the objects in the tray... and then this ended in a big tray of mucky coloured soup because apparently we need to make soup 😆🌈

Thank you for the play inspo @kidsplaytricks - my 3yo had so much fun!