Smoothie Bowls


Yum! Yum! Yum! 😋

I have made the mistake in the past of making my smoothies way too complicated with too many ingredients and it looks like 💩🤣

I find that simple is best and I have been loving this flavour combo 😍
I use this smoothie bowl to break my fast and with a dash of the coffee flavour... it is delicious! 🙌🏻

✖️ Green-eyed smoothie bowl ✖️
🔸generous handful of spinach
🔸1 cup of frozen mango
🔸1 scoop of protein powder
🔸2 tbsp of frozen avocado
🔸coconut water / coconut yoghurt (add to your liking depending on the consistency you desire) .
optional: 1 tsp of coffee
toppings: cacao nibs, buckinis, goji berries, flaked coconut, peanut butter, sliced bananas