Laundry Bundle
Laundry Bundle
Laundry Bundle
Laundry Bundle

Laundry Starter Kit

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Little Mashies Soap Saver

The Little Mashies GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Soap Saver is designed to stop wastage of those last little pieces of soap bars! Pop them in the soap saver and use every last bit of sudsy goodness!

The Little Mashies soap saver can also be used to put whole soap bars in and lather up or it can be used as a very cute little snack bag for crackers, chips, dried fruit & nuts. It’s the ultimate all rounder!

The Dirt Company Stainless Steel Pegs

Good riddance pesky plastic pegs!

These 316 Marine grade stainless steel pegs are strong, durable, and a whole heap better for the planet.

That Red House Organic Soapberries

These Organic Soapberries from 'That Red House' are one of the most natural and most cost efficient alternatives to mainstream laundry detergents. Simply place five soap berry shells into the free wash bag provided and pop that into your washing machine with your next load. When they are agitated in the water they produce a natural soap-like foam and do a brilliant job of washing the family's laundry.

They are very effective as they contain natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Plus because these berries are all-natural, organically grown and hypoallergenic they are an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin and various skin conditions.

You can then re-use those same shells again in four more loads! Based on a 1kg bag, the cost per load is 11c, compared to the average supermarket laundry detergent which is approx 52c*

You can also these for general household cleaning, just boil the shells for fifteen minutes and use that the liquid as a natural soap!

Soapberries are harvested from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree in Nepal, and are often referred to as 'soap nuts'. The shell of the fruit has a high concentration of saponin, which provides excellent cleansing properties.

Sustainably packed and dried by local communities. 100% Natural, Certified Organic by the USDA and Eco Cert, hypoallergenic, vegan. Not tested on animals.

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