Affirmation Frame


My daughters affirmations;
I am ...

My girls have popped these very colourful (and busy 😆) frames on their bedroom doors 😍
Thanks for sharing this idea 🤗

As part of our affirmation practice with our girls, we use their Pocket pals daily as a prompt. They also keep their 'pockies' in their school bags - for comfort - because sometimes the little things for our little people are actually BIG things ✨

🐯 Pocket Pals have 3 affirmations on the back to help your child when they feel anxious, sad or scared.
🐰 Kids don’t need to be able to read to know what the affirmations say. Parents can help their child learn these affirmations (just like they would a nursery rhyme).
🐨 Pocket pals come in 8 different styles with corresponding affirmations.
🌈 Our Pocket Pals are on our website (you can find them here) and are looking for their forever homes, bags, pockets ❤️