Daily Habits

I am learning ways to retrain my brain and thought patterns;
to lean into this paradigm shift;
to CHOOSE abundance over lack;
to see my glass being full rather; than half empty

“ Our past only defines us if we let it "

As my personal development journey continues to flourish, hand in hand, I have also developed a deeper connection to my daily practices that help me cultivate a greater sense of well-being

The key factors for ME:
+ food: cleaning up my daily to choose foods that nourish my body (weekly meal prep!!) Food doesn’t have to be complicated.

This is a simple bowl of:
nectarine - strawberry - banana - natural yogurt with a drop of dōTERRA Lemon essential oil - a sprinkle of cacao nibs, sultanas, macadamias, bee pollen, hemp seeds and puffed rice all for some added crunch.

This is something I absolutely love to have for my lunch... a selection of veggie sticks, immunity apples (apples soaked in doTERRA Lemon and Onguard essential oil), celery with peanut butter and a big dollop of homemade hummus plus some rice crackers!

It can be overwhelming trying to change our daily habits in the quest to live a healthier lifestyle but this is SIMPLE and FRESH food that takes only minutes to prepare.


+ exercise: turning my reason for exercising from loosing weight and 'punishing' my body to exercising for the mental clarity and those humdinger feel-good 'endorphins'.
For me, moving my body everyday is important; whether that be a sweat session where I train with my friends or a mindful walk whilst listening to a podcast – both allow me some ‘ME’ time before my kiddies wake up… so by the time they are awake, I am ready to take on the day!


+ essential oils: game changer for me with supporting my moods and emotions on a daily basis, digestive system, glowing skin (I suffered from hormonal breakouts & eczema), adrenal & hormone support, plus decreasing my exposure to chemicals (bye bye store bought products and hello simple DIY versions).

+ digestive issues: this is a HUGE one for me as I have coeliacs disease so cleaning up my diet, eating fresh foods & adding in daily habits like lemon + ACV in warm water EVERY morning, taking my doTERRA LLV supplements, daily oil protocol are all apart of my daily habits


 + personal development: this has been my priority over the past 12 months to help 'retrain my brain' from old thought patterns to creating new patterns

I spend a huge part of my week listening to podcasts while I am exercising on my own, doing household duties during the day while my kiddies nap, driving in the car on my own... basically whenever I can and it is amazing how that time adds up!

My fave podcasts are:

+ Oprah's Supersoul Conversations
+ Tony Robbins
+ HOL:FIT Talks
+ Crappy to Happy
+ All Rise Up
+ The Life Coach School
+ Goal Digger

It is so hard to pick one favourite.