How to Get Started

Don’t stress, you don’t need to feel like you have it all figured out before you decide to take the plunge in welcoming these natural solutions that will support your health into your life.

All you need to decide is that you want to feel better, that you want to make a positive change that will be the start of the momentum in creating a healthier you – and as part of your 12 month wellness membership, you will get:

Ongoing wellness coaching with me (via text, email, phone call – whatever works best for you


1 x personalised lifestyle session

All of my new members get an awesome welcome pack personally sent from me as well with recipes, resources and FREEBIES to start you on your journey.

I do a lot of my support online and have a private members only group so it doesn't matter where you are based!


Wellness Membership = $35.00
+ You get discounted doTERRA products (25% off) for 12 months and you can tailor your order. When you are ready, you can just hop online whenever you want to re-order.
** Please note with this membership there is absolutely no obligation to buy again, resell or anything like that **

See the product guide here for the individual prices – make sure you look at the ‘wholesale’ pricing as you’ll be saving 25% off with your membership.

Essential Collection Kit = $174.00
+ Small bottles (5ml) of top ten oils

>> FREE Smart & Sassy AND Wellness Membership
SAVE $83.00

Home Essentials Kit = $330.00
+ Big bottles (15ml) of top ten oils

>> FREE Petal diffuser AND Wellness Membership
SAVE $245.00

Daily Usage Kit = $595.50
+ A great kit to start you on your wellness journey with a selection of small (5ml) and large (15ml) bottles of essential oils plus household and body products to help you get started with detoxing your home and bathroom cupboard

Nature's Solution Kit = $635.00
+ Lifestyle overhaul with big bottles (15ml) of 16 essential oils plus household and body products to help you get started with using natural solutions in your home
SAVE $451.00

Starter Packs Flyer AU

Product Guide


Click here to purchase your doTERRA oils
+ Select Join + Save
+ Choose your Country
+ Select Local (OTG) order
+ Select Wholesale Customer
+ Enter Your Details

* IMPORTANT: Please make sure under Enroller ID it has 4018307 (Stephanie Batho) *
Select what you want to buy:

"Essential Collection Smart n Sassy $174.00" OR "Home Essential Kit $330" OR "Daily Usage Kit $595.50" OR "Natures Solutions Kit/Ultimate Starter Kit $635.00" OR "Oil Sharing Kit "$1,390.00"
- - - OR - - -
 If you prefer not to get a kit and select your own oils you can select the $35.00 membership fee and just add whatever you want in the additional items
- - - EXTRAS - - -
Extra items to consider adding to your order:
* Fractionated Coconut Oil $16.50 (for making rollers and diluting your oils so that you can safely apply them to your skin which I highly recommend)
* Diffuser = Petal for $58.00 OR Lumo for $104.00
Enter Your Payment Details

I will then be in touch to send you your special welcome pack with information + special goodies
This membership gives you 25% off retail on purchases but no obligation to order or resell

If you need any more information or if you want to chat through options so that we can work out what is the best option for you personally then please get in touch with me via email or phone