Why dōTERRA?

dōTERRA essential oils

The name dōTERRA means ‘Gift of the Earth’. Essential oils are powerful naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found within parts of plants such as the bark, stems, roots, flowers, and seeds. Through dōTERRA’s careful distillation process, they are extracted so that they remain potent and pure and we can benefit from their powerful properties to support our everyday health.
You may want to have a nice smelling house with the essential oil aroma filling your rooms or you may be ready to dive in deeper! Get in touch me to chat further.

Co-impact sourcing

These stories are incredible and it is amazing to see the power of dōTERRA and how they are changing people’s lives; ours, as we get to enjoy the essential oil benefits but for the local farmers, distillers and their families too. When you buy a bottle of dōTERRA, you are buying so much more than the oil itself. You are helping the farmers – you are making a contribution which is so much more powerful than when you buy an inferior product at the grocery store. dōTERRA essential oil bottles are bursting with love!

This is one of my favourite co-impact sourcing videos – Green Mandarin.