Baby Wipes


I just did a LIVE to show you this 👌🏻 😍

Don't you love accidentally stumbling across a hack that makes your life easier... we have just arrived at my family's place in Melbourne after staying our first couple of nights in Southbank. 🧻

I needed to make fresh batches of baby wipes and at home, I normally use a snap lock container (Sistema) but they didn't have any of those here so I decided to pop the wipes into this circle microwave container (Decor microsafe 1.5L) and then once the paper towel had absorbed all of the liquid, I popped out the microwave attachment and poked the wipes through that hole... which means they are so much easier to use one handed when you are changing a dirty nappy or are just juggling 🤹🏻‍♀️ mum life one handed 💦
My first few batches of wipes turned moldy but since adding white vinegar, I haven't had that problem - I do add extra vinegar to ensure they preserve and last a couple of weeks so use less vinegar if you prefer. 👶🏼
VIVA extra large roll (cut in half)
2 cups filtered water
1 Tbs FCO
1 Tbs Castile soap
2 Tsp white vinegar (or less if you prefer)
30 drops of doTERRA essential oil (I use 15 drops Lavender and 15 drops Tea Tree)
It is so simple and easy to make the wipes and by adding the vinegar to prevent the mold and using this container... well, things just got a whole lot easier 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸‍