Bath Bombs


When Krissy from @theinspiredlittlepot posted about these yesterday, I instantly thought it was a brilliant Easter gift idea! 🎁
Last night before bed, my girls and I whipped up a batch of these bath bombs and we coloured them pink with beetroot latte powder (I can't stand the taste so it is a good way to use it up 😜 hehe!!) and we infused them with doTERRA Lavender essential oil 💖
The girls chose to use snowman, heart and duck moulds 😆 - kinda, sorta, not really Easter 🐣 .
The bath bombs dried quickly and were ready to come out of the moulds today so we have already gifted some to our little friends in our street - and our girls have LOVED using them in their bath tonight 😍
Do you make non chocolate Easter gifts? We highly recommend these if you are in need of inspiration! Plus they have no nasties in them #lowtoxliving 🙌🏻
Recipe link is here: