Bouncy Ball Painting



I remember doing this activity when I was younger with marbles.... but we don't have any marbles at home so we decided to try bouncy balls and it worked really well.... don't you think?! 🤩

A simple paint activity with less mess is always a winner! And my 3yo and 5yo had a lot of fun 🤗

What you'll need:
✖️bouncy balls or marbles
✖️cups / containers
✖️paper card
✖️large container that fits the size of the paper card

1. Fill a few small cups / containers with paint
2. Drop the bouncy balls in the cups and coat them with the paint (you may need a spoon to help)
3. Place the paper card in the bottom of the large container so it is flat
4. Drop the paint covered bouncy balls in the container (we did 2 bouncy balls at a time) and manoeuvre the container to create your very own masterpiece.

My girls loved this activity and with all of the cards they have created, we are writing love notes to our nearest and dearest in Melbourne to brighten their day 💌