Chalk Paint



One of the many things I have loved, yes you read correctly, LOVED about iso life is having a moment in time to just BE, be still and be with my little family 💖
To have slower paced days instead of always rushing out the door, that was a huge gift when school was closed and my hubby and I were both at home with our girls.
Amongst the high’s there have been low’s, it’s truly been an emotional roller coaster 🎢 but I do have some takeaways from the happy moments 🤗

We loved spending hours upon hours in our front garden. The girls enjoyed creating masterpieces on our front driveway with chalk... as life continues to 'open' back up, this activity is one we have held onto too 😍

To make your own chalk paint you will need:
🌈 2 tbsp of cornflour
🌈 2 tbsp of water (add less or more depending on your preference)
🌈 Food colouring

The colours of this chalk paint are vibrant and it dries quickly.... and clean up is super dooper easy if rain is near 😉 or with just a small amount of water 💦

A simple play idea that is open ended for your little one's imagination. Thank you @investigative_classroom for this clever idea which my girls have loved 🙏🏻❤️

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