Golden Smoothie

💛 Golden Smoothie💛

Previously, I have added too many ingredients into my smoothies so now I take a more simple approach. I choose to use water so the nuts make a nut milk but choose your own adventure and add what you love.

mango | banana | ginger (fresh or powder) | turmeric | macca powder | hemp seeds | macadamia nuts | water

Additional extras: mushroom powders, protein powder, chia seeds, collagen powder, milk, coconut water, avocado (makes it creamy)


Here is a time saving hack for you; this is how I prep my smoothie dump bags.
This is a great snack or meal option that you can prep ahead of time but still enjoy fresh 🤗

I made these in jars because they fit nicely in our freezer and I didn't have any spare reusable silicone bags left - the jars can be a little more tricky to get your ingredients out once frozen (make sure you choose a wide brimmed jar) especially if your ingredients aren't frozen.
Re purposing zip lock bags that your frozen fruit or other store bought products come in are a handy option too ♻️
Or you can use our reusable silicone food bags here.