Hair Conditioning Spray

This is our tried and tested favourite recipe for a hair conditioning spray. We use it in the girls hair every morning to deter nits [I received a letter from school earlier this week about cases going around 😭🤢] as well as to keep their hair smooth... I also love it and use it too! 😍
+ Grab an empty 50ml glass spray bottle [we get ours from Diffusional]
+ Add a squirt of dōTERRA Salon Essentials Smoothing Conditioner
+ Add a squirt of apple cider vinegar
+ Add in your essential oils:
8 drops of Lavender
8 drops of Tea Tree
8 drops of TerrArmour
+ And top with water (cool boiled water or filtered water)
I have tried a few batches of this spray using Fractionated Coconut Oil instead of the conditioner but I find it leaves our hair too greasy... this is our fave combo!
You can play around with the oils as Rosemary supports hair growth but for us, we are all about deterring those little critters 🐜