Icy Water Play




My girls have always loved water play and this is a fun way to add extra sensory delights [colours, textures and smells] 🌈

First step, I froze slices of grapefruit, leaves and petals from our garden to make ice cubes🍃🌸 [this could be been a fun 'treasure hunt' game] .
Once the ice cubes were frozen, I filled a plastic tub with water and had an assortment of measuring spoons, a turkey baster, funnel and scoops 🤗💦 .
My 3yo managed to get the ice cubes out of the tray herself and had fun 'plopping' them into the container of water 👏🏻She watched as the ice blocks melted and the leaves and petals floated. I also grabbed a bowl of bouncy balls and rocks so we could figure out what floats and sinks 💧

Lots of pouring, scooping, 'plopping' and squeezing of the turkey baster. A cheap activity that leads to open ended play 🙌🏻 🌈 .
And with the beautiful sunshine ☀️ in Perth at the moment - this was the perfect activity 🤩