Jelly Rescue


🦸🏼‍♀️ JELLY RESCUE 🦸🏼‍♀️

Both of my girls have been at school today so I prepped this activity earlier today and left it to set in the fridge so it was ready for this afternoon 🤗

Sometimes emotions can run high after a school day 🙈 so I thought this would be a fun 'quiet activity'.
Simple and squishy! My girls helped to rescue the animals and gems from the "thick ooozy water"... lots of laughter!😍

What you need:
☀️ gelatin
☀️ animals or other objects your kiddies will want to discover (I did attempt to add coloured pom poms).

✖️Start by making the clear gelatin following the instructions on the box. Use only 3/4 of the recommended water to make the gelatin as this will make it more stiff and harder to pull out the items.
✖️Pop the toys into the gelatin.
✖️Place the gelatin mixture into the fridge until it fully sets.
✖️Once set, remove from the fridge and let your child play.

I have previously made this activity with regular packet jelly but today I used plain gelatin which doesn’t contain sugar. You can certainly make this activity with regular jelly but take my word for it, the sugar makes it a super dooper sticky activity 🙈 By using plain gelatin, you avoid the stickiness 😝

Thanks for the activity idea @mothercould 🤗