Let's Go Fishing



My girls love anything to do with water play...
And if it involves food colours, they get even more excited! 😍🌈

🌸 To start, I filled a container with water and I added a few drops of blue food colouring.
🌸 Next, I dropped in a selection of poms poms, bouncy balls & colored bears counters from @modernteaching
🌸 I placed a container next to the water with our tea strainers (these were $1.50 each from @kmartaus)

My girls rescued the balls, poms poms and teddies and transported them from the water container to the 'dry' land... and then started it over and over again.
For older kids, this is also a great little game to 'predict' what sinks or floats.

The tea strainer challenges their hand strength and coordination 🤗