Linen and Clothes Spray



Do you want your clothes to smell ultra fresh?

Do you miss the stronger smells that come from the store bought clothes detergent and conditioner (which is from the synthetic fragrance)?

Do you have funky smells (even after washing) on your gym clothes that need to be refreshed?

Do you have clothes that have stains that just won't quite budge?


If you answered YES to any of the above then you will LOVE this recipe!


Use this spray on your clothes when you are hanging them out, focus on the arm pit of your gym clothes and all over for anything else like your bed sheets!


All you need is:

- a glass spray bottle (I use a 500ml trigger bottle)

- approx. 120 drops of essential oil (have fun experimenting! Today I used Elevation + Lemon)

add 1 tsp of witch hazel

top with cooled boiled water / filtered water


And voila! Give it a shake and you are ready to spray!

This is a simple spray and I love using the combination of Lemon & Elevation but experiment with your own oils... and if you want a stronger aroma then add in extra drops of oils