Melted Crayon Art




Not your regular craft activity set up but this is AMAZING!!
Put your broken crayons to use with this epic idea... we were so excited to give this a whirl 🤸‍♂️
Make a unique birthday day, present tag or a picture 😍

What you need:
☀️ crayons (large broken pieces or whole)
☀️ baking paper
☀️ watercolor paper
☀️ iron
☀️ small cheese grater


1. Decide what crayons you will combine and grate.

2. Place your grater over your paper and in a continuous even motion, grate over the entire paper. Make sure to do this as evenly as possible! If not you will create a big blob of crayon in one area.

3. Repeat with all the crayon colors you choose.

4. Lay one sheet of parchment paper over the watercolor paper carefully as to not make the crayon bits fly everywhere.

5. Add your preheated iron over the parchment paper and press firmly in one continuous motion. We had our iron on a medium setting.

6. Remove the parchment paper and admire your melted crayon art!

Activity inspo 🤗