Mindful Jars



This morning I wanted to take time to be present with my girls (as I know I have been on my phone a lot more watching for updates on the fires over these past few days) and make these jars with them. These are also called glitter, meditation or calm down jars ✨

There are lots of different ways you can make these jars - with glycerine, corn syrup, hand soap etc. but I wanted to use what we already had at home and these look amazing! 😍

What you'll need:

✖️empty jars (you might want to choose a plastic option)

✖️glitter glue (from @kmartaus)

Pour 2 cups of warm water for every 1 tbsp of glitter glue.

Fill your jar with warm water, add in the glitter glue and continue to stir until the glue has melted and evenly dispersed in the water (my girls wanted to add extra glitter - so we did - but you don't have to too).

Leave the jar to sit until the water is cool. Place lid on the jar and secure with glue.

And now you have a calming jar that can be used as an effective way for little ones to help soothe themselves, calm down, take deep breaths, and work through their emotions 🙌🏻

These jars remind me of those lava lamps... do you remember them? It would take so long for the lamp to heat up the 'lava' but when it did, it was so mesmerising to sit and watch the 'blobs' float around 😍