My Daily Coffee Routine


I love bulletproof coffee and a couple of weeks ago, I tweaked my usual recipe to 'pimp' it with extra goodness to help maintain my energy levels, recovery post exercise, immune support, hormones plus it tastes so delicious and is quicker for me to prep on school mornings! Because Mumma still needs her coffee to get through the school morning hustle 😜 #justsaying

✖️I brew my 50/50 coffee bean mix of full strength and decaf coffee in an @aeropress
To my freshly brewed back coffee, I add:
✖️ 1/4 tsp maca powder
✖️1 tbsp collagen body powder @nutraorganics
✖️1/4 - 1/2 tsp of mushroom powders from @teelixir
✖️a splash of MCT oil @melrosehealth

I use an AeroLatte to froth the coffee mixture and evenly disperse all of the extra goodness.

✖️EverEco insulated tumbler from our online store can be found here