Natural Air Freshener


Purify is so handy to use as a natural air freshener - it is so simple (and cheap) to replace those nasty aerosol sprays that you may have used for the air and surfaces previously... when you know better, you can do better 😉

To make your very own natural air freshener, in a 200ml spray bottle:
add 25 drops of Purify essential oil, add a squirt of witch hazel or a sprinkle of salt (to help the essential oil and water mix), top with water and voila! 💁🏻‍♀️

Leave a spray bottle in your toilet, in your nappy bag, in your car, in your Kitchen to wipe out lunchbox cooler bags and the bin... anywhere you expect there could be a smelly smell! 🤣😷🤢🙊

Benefits of Purify:
 has a refreshing aroma
 replaces unpleasant odours
 clears the air
 protects against environmental threats
- - > so this spray kills airborne bacteria and neutralizes odours... all with an essential oil + water... with not a chemical in sight 🙌🏻