Natural Fabric Softener






Overhauling all of your cleaning products at home at once can be overwhelming 🤯 so my suggestion is always to start with replacing one of your store bought products when it runs empty; find a DIY recipe that you love using (and making)! 😍

You will start to see how effective a natural and chemical free cleaner can be - it is exciting! As you start to detox your home, you will feel the difference too... plus it is so rewarding when you switch to becoming more sustainable... with a few key ingredients, you can make so many DIY cleaners! ♻️

Make your own fabric softener:
1 cup of boiling water
1 cup of salt
3 cups (750ml) of vinegar

1. Add salt and hot water to a bowl and mix until salt has dissolved.
2. Add vinegar and stir until combined.
3. Transfer into container of choice.

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