Nut Free Choc Bliss Balls

I stumbled across this recipe last night when I was searching for nut free raw treats as my 4yo starts pre-primary tomorrow 🙈 = full time school 😭


This treat is delicious regardless of whether you need a nut free lunchbox bite on hand or you just want a #nosoguilty sweet treat 😋


Sweetened with dried fruit, nut free and vegan... yummy! 🙌🏻


✖️Nut Free Chocolate Bliss Balls✖️


1 Cup sunflower seeds

1 Cup dates

1 Cup raisins

1/4 Cup cocoa or cacao

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Desiccated coconut

Put everything except the desiccated coconut into a Thermomix / food processor.

Blitz, be patient until the mixture forms a ball
Roll spoonfuls into balls (and roll into coconut) or press into a silicone loaf tray
Refrigerate for 1 hr before serving

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