Play Dough Fun



Yesterday, my 3yo and I made a fresh batch of playdough using the recipe that @peekyme shared as an IGTV last week. As she said, it is the most AMAZING play dough recipe! 🤗

Along with the play dough, I popped out one of our loose part boxes which are so handy. We have two of these boxes; the other is currently filled with an array of beads and thread - I change up the contents every so often.

In this loose parts box we have:
⭐️ gemstones ⭐️ big stones ⭐️ milk bottle lids ⭐️ small animals ⭐️ paddle pop sticks.
I also popped out playdough scissors (which are a pair of safety scissors from @bigwaustralia), silicone cupcake cups and rollers.

The girls had fun making cupcakes and gifts for Santa 😆😍 (their love for Santa lasts all year long 🎅🏻).

What is your little ones favourite activity? Do they love playing with play dough?
It is a favourite in our house - I love it too as it helps to strengthen the muscles in their fingers and let's their imagination run wild (plus it is minimal mess as I pop it all on these trays from @kmartaus).

Play dough recipe link here: