Send a Hug



This is one of my most favourite activities that we’ve done with our girls and sent to our loved ones in Melbourne 🥰
We giggled and laughed as we measured their arm spans and explained that we were sending hugs in the mail.
Finding extra ways to sprinkle love to our loved ones 💖

What you’ll need:
✏️ Paper (if you don’t have a giant roll of paper you can use the back of wrapping paper, tape pieces of paper together or even use a streamer to get a full arms length.
✏️ paint, crayons, textas

1. Spread out your paper on the floor and have your child lay down on the paper and trace their head, arms, and upper torso onto the paper.
2. Decorate by using paint, textas or crayons.
3. Cut out their body outline.
4. Write or print out a message to go with the hug.
5. Fold your hug and put in an envelope.

Even though I’d love to see you every day,
in our houses we must stay.
I miss you with all my heart,
and wish we weren’t kept apart.
Since I can’t come over to play,
I’m mailing you this hug today!
Wrap my arms around you tight,
Repeat daily until we reunite.
-By: The Playful Parent

Thank you for this gorgeous activity inspiration from the @theplayfulparent :