Sensory Play



On Wednesdays, my girls and I LOVE to enjoy a day at home that is sandwiched between day care and Kindy days 🤗and I have been offering 'invitation to play' activities to allow the girls to run around but also have the opportunity to engage in open ended play 👧🏼👧🏼

So for today, R I C E was a winner! I usually have a container of rice on a fitted sheet but having two containers outside meant the girls could come and go as they pleased. We added in containers, utensils and colored bears which allowed them to scoop, measure, pour, divide [and conquer 😆]

Another reason that doing these activities on a Wednesday is a great idea for us... it means that we can use this for my 4yo's Kindy ‘show and tell’ activity that we have to write about every week 😉 #mumhack - - - thanks for the inspiration Brea from @wonder.and.awe 😘

#sensoryplayideas #toddleractivities #sensoryrice @ Perth, Western Australia