Sleep Blends


In our bedrooms... each night... we have the diffusers switched on and a beautiful soothing aroma fills the room, to prepare the kiddies, my hubby and I for a peaceful slumber... it is apart of our daily routine 🛌🌱
But really, with #parentlife, let's face it, you get a great night's sleep when your kiddies do 😜

I just did a LIVE to show you our favourite sleep blends and how these 'master' blends are a #timesaving hack! 👌🏻
In our empty doTERRA bottles, I have made up our favourite sleep blends in larger quantities so they are pre-mixed and ready to drop into the diffusers in the afternoon - no need to fumble with several bottles #yourewelcome 💁🏻‍♀️

These are our favourite sleep combinations at the moment:
💤 Lavender + Marjoram + Ylang Ylang + Patchouli (equal drops)
💤 Bergamot (x 3 drops) + Cedarwood (x 2 drops) + Marjoram (x 1 drop)
💤 Cedarwood + Litsea or Wild Orange + Petitgran + Vetiver (equal drops but I use half the amount of Vetiver)