Soap Foam




What a seriously FUN activity!
Foam is so soft and cloud-like and when you add colours - - well it is magical in the eye of a child 🦄🌈

I used my Thermomix to create this recipe but you can easily give your 💪🏻 a workout and use a whisk/mixer 😉

What you need:
1/2 cup of dish washing liquid
1/4 cup of water
a few drops of food colouring

Thermomix method:
Add all ingredients to the Thermo, add butterfly whisk speed 5.5 / 1:30 mins

I added our wooden letters from @kmartaus and my 3yo loved searching for the letters in the foam, pronouncing the sound and finding a word that starts with the letter (Mummy "S is for sanitiser" - oh dear she has heard that a lot lately 🥴).

And then I added a container of water to give my 3yo the option to clean the letters - which she loved - and then she started dunking them back into the foam again... endless possibilities!

We have now played this game three days in a row when my eldest gets home from school... and there's literally no cleaning up afterwards as everything is clean #geniusparenting 👏🏻😍

Thanks for the activity inspo @wonder.and.awe
Head to their page as they have so many fun ideas ✨