Soapberry Liquid





I think soapberries look like medjool dates 😆 but they are fruit from a tree 🌳

They are completely zero waste, are packaged in a calico bag with no plastic and will biodegrade at the end of their life ♻️
Soapberries are hypoallergenic which makes them a great choice for people with sensitive skin, allergies, babies and kids. They are also antibacterial, antifungal and odourless 💚

Making a soapberry liquid from soapberries is simple, cost-effective and the liquid can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner around your home making it super versatile like a swiss army knife 👏🏻😍

In a pot, add 1 litre of water and 6-8 soap berries. Bring the water to the boil and then simmer for 15-20 mins (I let my liquid simmer for longer to become a 'concentrate').
Let the liquid cool. Then strain through a nut milk bag and transfer to a container (I also add drops of Lemon essential oil).
Keep any extra liquid in your fridge (to preserve it) and refill your container when required.

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