Treasure Hunts


This morning's adventure was inspired by @treasuretimekids as Lynne posted a water play activity for kids using a turkey baster [stay with me here 😆]
I finally located a turkey baster in store [they are so hard to find 🙈- apparently I needed to wait until closer to Thanksgiving 🤷🏼‍♀️ but hey, I am pretty impatient and wanted to try this activity with my girls so I finally found them 🤩] and today we put them good use.
First step, we went on a 'treasure hunt' in our street, stopping at our neighbour's houses to snip some leaves and flowers 🍃🌸 [yes, I felt extremely dodgy walking around our neighbourhood with a pair of scissors ✂️ and snipping our neighbour's gardens 🙈 but thankfully we are friendly with most of our neighbours - and most of them weren't home 😜🤫]
Next step, we came home with our buckets full of colorful 'treasures' 🌈 and added them to our plastic tubs with coloured water 💦
The girls loved making 'potions' and using the turkey baster [not sure what else to call it 🤔🤣] to fill up other containers and jars. A cheap activity that leads to open ended play 🙌🏻
#practicalplay #finemotoractivity #kidsplayingoutside