Two ingredient soft scrub









✖️two ingredient soft scrub ✖️

I know that making your own cleaning products might seem overwhelming 🤯, too hard 🙅🏼‍♀️, too many ingredients 👎🏻, not as effective 🥴... I needed a lot of persuading in the beginning too! 🤣
if you love using a cream cleanser to clean around your home then this is a simple and natural version that is good for you and the environment... no chemicals, synthetic fragrance, will save you $$ AND IT WORKS 👏🏻

The gentle abrasive action of the bi-carb soda helps to remove residue on the tiles in your shower or build up in your kitchen sink #squeakyclean 🤩

Grab a bowl and add 1 cup of bi carb soda. Pour in your castile soap - enough to make a wet sand texture.
+ If you like, you can add 5-10 drops of essential oils (like Clove, Tea Tree, OnGuard) or this is still really effective without.
+ If you have any mixture to spare then you can leave it in a jar or make this recipe up as you go.