Weaving & Painting


Today's activity started with us setting off for a 'treasure hunt' where we filled our buckets with flowers and leaves #naturetreasurehunt 🍂🌸
I grabbed a piece of cardboard, placed several rubber bands across the cardboard, and the girls placed their flowers and leaves in between the rubber bands. A great fine motor activity for the kids (AND it is so relaxing and calming for Mummies to do as well 😉) 🤲🏻
Thanks to @littlepinelearners for the inspiration 🙌🏻
I also set up this simple chalk painting activity for the girls >> grab your small broken pieces of chalk [if you have toddlers then you will have PLENTY of these ], crush the chalk into powder, add some water and get some old paintbrushes for the kids. Our girls LOVE water painting and with the addition of the coloured chalk, they had a fun filled morning of moving between these two activities 🌈
Sometimes the most uncomplicated things are the most beautiful 😍🥰
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