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My goal is always to empower you and share inspo and tips...
💫 you might already have one of these 'eco' products lurking in the back of your cupboard so here is your reminder to wipe off the dust and start using it...
💫 you may not be ready to make changes now but you might remember one of these ideas down the track...
💫 you don't need to go out and spend lots of $$ to make a change...
wherever you are at, I am here to share some simple ideas for your bathroom.

💖 Perfectly imperfect 💖

Oral health
✖️ SWAP your plastic toothbrush to bamboo toothbrushes,
✖️ SWAP your plastic tube toothpaste to toothpaste tablets
AND add in a tongue cleaner (I know it sounds gross 😝but it makes a big difference to your oral health)

Body care
✖️ SWAP your disposable razor to a  safety razor
✖️ SWAP your plastic cotton earbuds to bamboo cotton buds

Face care
✖️ SWAP your cotton wool face pads to reusable makeup pads
✖️ SWAP your facial exfoliate in a plastic tube to a reusable exfoliating cloth

Do-it-yourself / make your own
✖️Make your own: swap your store bought products for handmade versions; coffee body scrub, brown sugar face scrub foaming hand and body wash (you can view our favourite DIY recipes that we love to use in our home here).

My suggestion is always to start with one small change to kick start a new habit rather than trying to change several at once... otherwise it can become too overwhelming. Small changes can equal big results overtime for you and our environment ♻️

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