Reusable food storage ideas



Let me start by saying that I am imperfect but I am passionate. I am conscious of trying to reduce our kitchen waste; with both food and plastics.... for the environment and also for our health too 💚

🌿 Reuse old glass jars: these make inexpensive food storage solutions. I love using jars in the fridge so that I can see what is inside - which also helps to reduce food wastage so you don't find any nasty surprises

🌿 To cover salad or dinner bowls or any food that you have prepped ahead of time, replace your single use glad wrap with reusable silicone covers - these are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. You can shop these at our online store here.

🌿 Replace your zip lock bags with reusable silicone food pouches. I store our pre-washed lettuce, spinach and herbs in these bags with a piece of fabric or paper towel to absorb any water. The air tight seal keeps produce fresh for longer. Plus these are handy for road trips or filling with snacks on the go for kids. You can shop these at our online store here.

🌿 Replace your plastic containers with glass containers (I get ours from @pyrexaus or @ikea_australia). Over time as our plastic containers have broken or we have needed extras, I have purchased glass alternatives which you can safely heat up your leftovers in.

A few simple ways that we can start reducing waste in our kitchen... small changes over time ✨


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