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I have decided to share my journal practice... I’ve been a yo-yo 🪀 journal writer over the past 12+ months but I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months so finally, the habit has stuck 🙌🏻

I’ve kept this simple, you can definitely elaborate but from someone who has never been able to keep at it, this is what is working for me 🙏🏻 I deal with OCD and anxiety that flies out of control when I am tired and stressed so over the 12+ months, and in particular these last 3 months, I have leant deeper into my daily habits that make me feel good [and this is one of those daily habits]. Creating micro moments amongst the mayhem... finding the gems 💎 in the heavy cloud that looms at the moment.

And when you do have those moments of overwhelm, whip out your journal and read what you were grateful for last week... to evoke those feelings... it really is helpful ✨

What you need:
+ All you need is a notebook... find one that you love, that you feel is practical and easy to write in. You can buy a book with gratitude prompts but I just found this one at my local $2 shop and it has the word 'SMILE' on the front cover.
+ I really think the challenge with starting any new habit or ritual is finding a time in your day when this habit will be a non-negotiable (just like your habit of brushing your teeth). For me, I love doing this at the end of the day so I can reflect and end my day with a grateful heart.

My prompts:
+ I write at the top of the page the date and the word 'GRATITUDE'; and then I write three things that happened that day that I am specifically grateful for. Little moments throughout my day ie. a warm cuppa, the warm sunshine on my face, a peaceful sleep, a sweaty workout
+ Then I list four affirmations (three affirmations I change up): Sometimes, if I need a prompt, I go to my list that I have taken time to write on the front page, filled with lots of powerful 'I am" affirmations:
I am worthy and deserving
I trust myself
I am smart
I trust the process
I am a vessel for love and light
I am whole

I love flicking through Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr (pictured below) which is filled with many beautiful affirmations.
+ And then every night, I finish with 'I am enough'. All too often, we are comparing ourselves to someone else, another friend, sibling, co-worker, Mother but as I stand here or lay here in my bed right now, I am affirming that I am enough

Sometimes I extend these two exercises and write about my day, or you could write about your future in present tense (goals, events etc.) but that is 'extra' so for me, I am thrilled to make this a daily habit of gratitude and affirmations.

You might not be ready to start this practice today, maybe next week, or maybe tomorrow. Come back to this blog post, it will be here waiting for you. I feel that a daily gratitude practice helps to find the glittery gems throughout your day and is well worth the 5, 10 or 15 minutes before bed, without technology.


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