🍴 MEAL PREP 🍴 10 NOV 19 🍴

So yesterday's market in 41oC heat was soooo hot 🥵
I am sure you can imagine that it felt like we spent part of the day in an oven 😂 and after we packed up, hubby and I were a hot and sweaty mess 💦🙈
BUT it was such a FUN morning so thank you to everyone who we met that braved the heat 🙏🏻💕
Hubby is at the Uni library today studying for his very last exam in a couple of week's time so it’s just been the girls and I...
🍽 veggie chow mein (GF, DF, V) @itdoesnttastelikechicken
🍽 PB&J crumble bars (GF, DF, V) @clean_treats
🍽 delicately sweet golden loaf (GF, DF) @my.petite.pantry
🍽 veggie stock concentrate
🍽 gingerbread cookies (GF, DF, V)
🍽 kale chips (coated in coconut aminos)
🍽 banana and strawberry roll ups (GF, DF, V)
🍽 mixed roast veggies
🍽 veggie sticks
🍽 strawberry chia jam
🍽 bircher muesli
🍽 boiled eggs
🍽 fruit and nut raw chocolate 'bark' (GF, DF, V)
🍽 hummus
🍽 immunity apples
🍽 vegan banana pancakes (GF, DF, V)
Happy Sunday 💗

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