Wanna know a simple way to use your oils?
Nothing fancy, easy peasy... all you need is ONE drop of oil to feel the benefits 🌿

Take a moment to think about what you want to feel more of...
You can choose oils to support your physical and emotional body...

Pop a drop of oil in the palm of your hands (or roll a roller over your palms), cup your hands over your nose and take in several deep belly breaths, allow the aromatic compounds of the oils to wash over your body and be in that very moment and repeat to yourself 'I CAN DO THIS' 💗

Here are some of my fave oils:
🌿 Peppermint = energising and uplifting
🌿 Easy Air = opens airways so use this when you are taking shallow breaths (anxious feelings = airways constricted)
🌿 Jasmine = calms my mind and gives me a sense of peace
🌿 Calm Mumma blend = Siberian Fir + Wild Orange + Balance + Sandalwood (also AMAZING in the diffuser)
🌿Clary Calm which is known as the monthly blend for women - all things to do with hormones but the oils in this blend are also deeply relaxing and I have recently started using this blend to support my emotions = gives me all of the calming and relaxing vibes!
So swipe across your ovaries, wrists and back of your neck for hormonal AND emotional support.

Chances are that if you’ve seen me at a local market then we’ve taken big deep breaths together as I LOVE showing people this technique 🙏🏻

How fast do oils work?
22 seconds
the molecules reach the brain
2 minutes
they will be found in the blood stream
20 minutes
they will affect every cell in the body
You don't even need use a drop of oil to feel the benefits, you can literally take the lid off the bottle of oil or roller and take in several deep belly breathes of the aroma and F E E L the difference 🌿

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