✖️ WATER ~ H2O ✖️

Most of us know we should be drinking more water throughout the day as it benefits our bodies in so many ways 💦
Drinking coffee and tea along with exercising can dehydrate our body so if you are struggling to drink water then I have a couple of easy ways that I make my water more 'exciting' 🤗 with added health benefits [without the addition of all of the sugar that can be found in juices or soft drinks ] 🙌🏻
💧 Add 1tsp - 1tbsp of chia seeds which are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, iron, and calcium... and that gel that is released when the seeds are soaked in liquid [which also makes chia seed pudding!] helps your digestive system 💩😉👌🏻
Just be careful you don't get chia seeds stuck in your teeth #speakingfromexperience 😆
💧Chlorophyll @grantsofaustralia is naturally alkaline and can increase energy and improve wellbeing. It helps to cleanse the body tissues of toxins and naturally takes away bad breath and body odour.
💧 Essential oils; my faves are Lemon, Green Mandarine and Tangerine as they taste yummy [without the need for cordial / soft drinks / sugar] as well as being high in limonene and citrus oils can naturally cleanse the body and aids in digestion.
I also always carry a water bottle with me whenever I’m out and I always have one on the kitchen bench to prompt me to take a sip 😋

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