• Finding Peace •


In a moment in time when it is difficult to find the words or a solution or let's be honest ❗️TOILET PAPER ❗️......
I realized this morning that I have found what gives me peace 🙏🏻

I have listened to several podcasts over the past few months where Trent Shelton's quote has been referenced:
~ "protect your peace" ~
And I am resonating wholeheartedly with that as we try to navigate what is happening in the present... and how we can do what we can, with purpose and on purpose to cultivate peace in a very unsettling moment in time.

What turns down the volume to the outside noise and distractions and hands the microphone over to my feel good endorphins that make me feel H A P P Y 🌈💃🏻

☀️ I wake up early before sunrise
☀️ I lather myself in Peppermint oil to give me a burst of energy 🌱
☀️ I meet my friend where we share some giggles 👯‍♂️
☀️ then I challenge my physical body by running as fast as I can whilst I am met with the most magical sunrise which just makes me S M I L E 😍
☀️ I finish my run with sweat dripping everywhere and that feeling of accomplishment 👊🏻 ** fist bump
☀️ then I have a refreshing beach swim 🏊🏻‍♀️

I drive home in my happy bubble 🚗❣️ready to tackle the day, ready for the school run, ready to check my socials and ready to hear a news update... because I have already spent time nurturing myself [my physical, spiritual and mental states] ❤️

Finding peace for you may look different to mine but it is so important that amongst the stress and panic and uncertainty, you take time to nurture yourself... not to be selfish but just so that you can keep going ✨

Sending big [social distancing] hugs / elbow taps to everyone 🤗

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