β€’ MEAL PREP β€’ 14 APR 19 β€’

What a crazy week that was 🀯 with our kids falling ill very suddenly and then having to make the last minute decision to cancel our trip to Melbourne ✈️ ... but everything happens for a reason ✨ and it has been lovely to slow our pace to help the girls rest and recuperate πŸ‘§πŸΌπŸ‘§πŸΌ
Perth obviously wanted to make sure we didn't feel Melbourne-sick and has turned on some very dreary Melbourne-like weather today πŸ˜†β˜”οΈ
Although it is school holidays and my hubby has this week off work, meal prep is still a priority for me as it will make this coming week so much easier as we now have a stocked fridge and freezer of food options which make packing snacks for my toddlers so much easier πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Does anyone else have #snackobsessed toddlers? πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€£
🍽 Jo's best-ever Butter Chicken @jowhitton
🍽 veggie sticks πŸ₯•
🍽 smoothie dump bags
🍽 strawberry chia jam
🍽 bircher muesli
🍽 boiled eggs
🍽 immunity apples
🍽 chocolate & goji berries bliss 'squares' (GF, DF, vegan)
🍽 seeded lunchbox slice (GF, DF, vegan) @onehandedcooks
🍽 carrot pineapple muffins (GF, DF) @onehandedcooks
🍽 ghee
🍽 kale chips
🍽 brown rice
🍽 roasted corn cobs
🍽 steamed broccoli
🍽 blender-batter brown rice pancakes (GF, DF, vegan) @jowhitton
🍽 Crio bru Bliss Balls infused with doTERRA Peppermint essential oil (GF, DF, vegan) **recipe on our blog
🍽 peanut butter
🍽 peanut butter stuffed dates (GF, DF, vegan)
Happy Sunday ❀️

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