• MEAL PREP • 14 JUL 19 •

Oh the weather has been glorious in Perth this weekend! ☀️🙌🏻😍😎
We had a great market yesterday and we are now getting ready for our trip to QLD on Friday morning ✈️
Getting ready... both physically and mentally >> hubby is already flexing his muscles 💪🏻 as he ends up being the chief bag handler 🤣🙈 and mentally... well we have a very adventurous 2yo on our hands this trip 🤸‍♂️ who doesn't care much for day sleeping and just this week has jumped on the 'WHY?!' question bandwagon 🤯😬
This meal prep is for the next few days and on Thursday I will prep all of our food for Friday as we have almost a full day in transit and I like to be as prepared like a Girl Scout ✌🏻
🍽 hidden veggie sauce (GF, DF, V) @thewholedaily #smugmummy
🍽 veggie sticks 🥕
🍽 simple kale salad with lemon vinaigrette (GF) @thegarlicdiaries
🍽 boiled eggs
🍽 immunity apples
🍽 raspberry & coconut bread (GF, DF) @thenaturalnutritionist
🍽 beetroot & tahini dip (GF, DF, V) @thenaturalnutritionist
🍽 cooked gluten free pasta with spiralised sweet potato & carrot
🍽 cashew & coconut delight (GF, DF, V) @thenaturalnutritionist
🍽 simple chocolate cookies (GF, DF, vegan) @thefamilyfoodproject
🍽 bircher muesli
🍽 raspberry baked pancake (GF, DF) @onehandedcooks
🍽 chocolate & goji berries bliss 'squares' (GF, DF, vegan)
🍽 oat free toasted muesli (GF, DF)
Happy Sunday ❤️

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