β€’ MEAL PREP β€’ 26 MAY 19 β€’


There is always a huge feeling of satisfaction for me when I take this photo πŸ“ΈπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»
I often get DM's about how long this takes me and when I find the time to do this each week and it does depend on what we have planned over the weekend... BUT I try to split our prep into two sessions:
☝🏻 I make the raw treats, snacks and spreads on Saturday (more often than not it is in the evening when the girls have gone to bed)
✌🏻 on Sunday, I finish off everything else (slow cooker, oven etc.) while the girls have breakfast and lunch... that is when I find it is the 'easiest' to get a few things done as they are sitting at the kitchen bench.
I also find that by splitting this prep into two sessions means the pile of dishes is more manageable 🍽🧼😜
🍽 chicken and pumpkin curry (GF, DF, vegan) ** adapted to a veggie version - recipe from @onehandedcooks new cookbook
🍽 veggie sticks πŸ₯•
🍽 smoothie dump bags
🍽 strawberry chia jam
🍽 bircher muesli
🍽 oat free toasted muesli (GF, DF)
🍽 immunity apples
🍽 kombucha and raspberry jellies (GF, DF)
🍽 kale chips seasoned with savoury seasoning
🍽 chocolate cookies (GF, DF, vegan) @thefamilyfoodproject
🍽 vegan carrot & zucchini muffins (GF, DF, vegan) @janellapurcell
🍽 brown rice and quinoa
🍽 roasted corn fingers
🍽 boiled eggs
🍽 nut free bliss balls (DF, GF, vegan) @mishbridges
🍽 quick and easy apple crumble (DF, GF, vegan) @wholefoodsimply
🍽 hummus (DF, GF, vegan)
🍽 raw chocolate (DF, GF, vegan) @jowhitton
🍽 cashew milk
🍽 chocolate & goji berries bliss 'squares' (GF, DF, vegan)
More meal prep tips can be found on our website πŸ‘πŸ»
Happy Sunday ❀️

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