🍴 MEAL PREP 🍴 29 MAR 20 🍴

Another crazy week... I truly hope that you are all hanging in there... I think we are all feeling the same with good days among sad and overwhelm... life is a rollercoaster 🎢 of emotions atm... but we will get through this together 💕
If you are finding that spending more time at home is making you a #snackmonster 😋 then make it a goal to prep a few healthy snacks including cut up fruit and veggies that you can have on hand 🤗
I have been brainstorming ways that I can connect with you all while we are all spending more time at home... so today I did an Insta LIVE in my kitchen to show you 'behind the scenes' of this week's meal prep 🏡
Here's what we have in our fridge and pantry for the week ahead!
🍽 creamy vegan butternut squash linguine (GF, DF, V) @cookieandkate
🍽 healthy vegan banana bread (DF, adapted to GF, V) @avirtualvegan
🍽 raspberry baked pancake (GF, DF) @onehandedcooks
🍽 epic baba ganoush (GF, DF, V) @cookieandkate
🍽 cranberry and pistachio bliss balls (GF, DF, V) @wholefoodsimply
🍽 choc mint slice (GF, DF, V) @wholefoodsimply
🍽 stewed fruit (mixed berry, apple & pear) (GF, DF, V) @jamieoliver
🍽 savoury pancakes (GF, DF, V)
🍽 roasted brussel sprouts ** recipe on our website
🍽 simple kale salad with cheesy-lemon vinaigrette (GF DF, V)
🍽 strawberry chia jam
🍽 rice noodles with veggies and coconut aminos (GF DF, V)
🍽 porridge jars
🍽 peanut butter
🍽 boiled eggs
🍽 almond & choc chip cookies (GF, DF, V)
🍽 macadamia & cashew milk
🍽 banana and blueberry roll ups (GF, DF, V)
🍽 veggie sticks
🍽 immunity apples
🍽 bircher muesli
#mealprep #sundaymealprep #healthymealprep

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