I do HIIT style workouts with my friends 3 mornings each week and months ago, I decided to start moving my body on my 'spare' mornings because I thrive off routine and for me, it makes sense that I get up at the same each morning [who needs a sleep in?! 😜 #amiright]

At first, I wanted these extra training sessions to be a chance for me to get more exercise into my schedule but very quickly I came to the realisation that for me, exercising every single day isn't necessarily a healthy habit, it could easily become an obsession, a way that I could punish my body...
[and as unhealthy obsessive behaviours to do with eating and exercise have been apart of my past, I am now very conscious with what works and doesn't work for me]

So I switched my thinking about how I spend my time on my 'spare' mornings >>> I get up early, switch on a podcast and I enjoy walking ... a gentle way to exercise, a way to move any stagnant energy, a way to fill my brain with the good juicy nuggets from inspiring podcasts, a way to fill up my cup so that by the time my hubby and kids wake up, I am ready to be present because I have already had some 'ME' time.

And on mornings like this morning, this epic sunrise adds to the list of reasons why I love getting up early and indulging in some 'self care' time where I can get clear and set the goals that I want to achieve for the week ahead #mondaygoals 🤸‍♂️

It has been a process over the years of moving away from 'hating' my body and being so critical to finding ways to nurture and care for my mind and body... and eradicating emotional eating too... replacing the food with habits like grabbing oils 🌱
+ Bergamot is the oil of self acceptance
+ Peace is also an oil that I grab often as it helps to slow down my brain when it is full of racing thoughts that don't serve me [ brings forth peace ]

Sometimes you wish 'if only I knew back then what I know now'
BUT I am grateful to be standing where I am today
I get filled with excitement at the thought of all of the gems I will continue to learn along the way 🌈 #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter

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