If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you may have seen that last week I was unwell... a case of the sniffles!

I shared a few tips over the week which I wanted to collate and create 5 simple tips so that if you if you are feeling unwell, you can easily implement these yourself.


1. Hydrate - we want to flush those toxins out and keeping yourself hydrated and drinking liquids regularly will help to do this. Water oxygenates your blood and flushes out harmful toxins from your immune system so make this one a priority. I also choose to drink warm liquids only so I add a big splash of boiling water to many stainless steel water bottles through the day and I drink nourishing broths which is the perfect segway to my number two...

2. Add NutriOrganics vegetable broth (I chose the mushroom veggie for immune wellbeing) powder to your warm water which is naturally nourishing with traditional Chinese adaptogenic mushrooms and Vitamin D to support immune system function, keeping you feeling good inside and out. Click here for more information.

3. Nourish your body with nutrient dense foods - eat the rainbow! This is where my weekly meal prep comes in handy as my fridge is full of options that I can easily access so make sure you are eating regularly (even though you may not feel like it) as your body needs the nutrients from food to aid its recovery.

4. Oil up... if you haven't already got yourself an immune supporting roller blend then here are a few of my favourite. Why do I have different blends? Each virus is different and they affect our bodies differently, so I suggest you use different oils as they all have an array of constituents which will offer your body a range of benefits to help bring it back to a state of homeostasis, without other side effects (unlike Pharmaceuticals as my daughters notoriously get constipated from antibiotics).
Immune bomb blends
OnGuard +Tea Tree + Lemon + Oregano + Frankincense
Oregano + Litsea + AromaTouch + Arborvitae + OnGuard
Tea Tree + Frankincense + Litsea + Munuka + Peppermint
And at the first inclination of a scratchy throat or running nose, apply your oils repeatedly... catch it early, don't wait for you to be completely blocked up to start thinking about oily support.

5. You knew this one was coming.... REST! Try to get to bed earlier than normal or maybe have a sleep in or maybe join the kids for a lunchtime nap 😉
During deep sleep, your body works to repair muscle, organs, and other cells. Chemicals that strengthen your immune system start to circulate in your blood. You spend about a fifth of your night’s sleep in deep sleep when you’re young and healthy -- more if you haven’t slept enough.

I am a big believer in being proactive with my health and with my family's too and I think we should be doing things daily to support our bodies rather than waiting for them to 'break down' and in a state of dis-ease

If you don't already have essential oils and you want to learn more about doTERRA then reach out as I would love to help you get a 25% discount off your oils and for you to join our oily community.

Sending lots of healthy vibes your way [and bring on Summer 😉 ]

Steph xx

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