🍴 MEAL PREP 🍴 24 OCT 21 🍴

weekly meal prep 24 oct 2021

"Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do.
Not a punishment for what you ate"

Before I had my girls, I used to exercise to counteract the food and alcohol choices I made - to punish my body.
It has taken years to be in the space that I am in now where I exercise just for fun 😝... because I love to challenge my body and mind!
And with this mental shift, our eating habits have also improved too. The power of one change which kick started other healthy habits 👣🥗

Here's what we have for the week ahead.

🍽 1 hour vegan shepherd's pie (GF, DF, V) @minimalistbaker
🍽 vegan gluten free chocolate cookies (GF, DF, V) @theminimalistvegan
🍽 easy vegan apple loaf (GF, DF, V) @rainbownourishments
🍽 vegan shortbread (GF, DF, V) @wallflowerkitc
🍽 almond milk @ulu_hye
🍽 peppermint slice (GF, DF, V) @wholefoodsimply
🍽 quick & easy pancakes (GF, DF) @jowhitton
🍽 salad in a jar (GF, DF, V)
🍽 peanut butter
🍽 raw chocolate with roasted peanuts (GF, DF, V)
🍽 almond butter
🍽 cherry & raspberry gut healing jellies (GF, DF)
🍽 strawberry chia jam
🍽 steamed broccoli, corn & cauliflower
🍽 seeded crackers (GF, DF, V)
🍽 choc covered rice cakes (GF, DF, V)
🍽 banana, mango & mixed berry roll ups (GF, DF, V)
🍽 chia seed pudding
🍽 veggie sticks
🍽 immunity apples

What are you doing today? Are you cooking in your kitchen?

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